Jodie Ferrer Character Design

Character design and Cartooning have always been a part of my work. For a moment back then, I didn’t really have equipment like the laptop and the tablet, but now, I do. So hooray for my horrible money saving skills because I was  still able to buy all the equipment I need. Here are some of my most recent Digital character design work. This one with the girl with blue hair was done in Photoshop. I love how I was able to adjust the colors using the layer setting.


This one was done on paint tool sai. “Chill” is not really how most people would describe a drawing software, but that’s how Paint Tool Sai is. The interface is so friendly and everything is just so perfect for drawing and sketching. Not so much for rendering, though, I’d still render most of my work in photoshop.


Doing character sketches on Paint Tool Sai is my new favorite hobby now.

Scene study by Jodie Ferrer
Scene study
USAGI , Character Design Challenge for June
USAGI , Character Design Challenge for June
Environment practice
Environment practice


Acid Rap
Acid Rap  – The only reason that this is the title of this piece is because I was listening to Chance the Rapper’s “Acid Rap” album while making it. I don’t feel the need to make something profound all the time. I’m just exercising the muscle, you know?


Character Design Practice 2
Character Design Practice 2
Wanderer – Yet again I was listening to Hozier’s song “Work” and felt like this would’ve been the back story for the song.
CMY-KAY – A portrait practice
Elphie the sea witch – I’ve been obsessed with WICKED since I started listening to the soundtrack again. I thought of making this fan art for a character design challenge for Mermaid May. Sadly I only knew about this challenge around June, So I wasn’t able to submit it. That didn’t stop me from making it though.